"For those of you not familiar with Jamakaya's work,
I can assure you that her long track record of professionalism and experience is clearly unmatched."

–William Attewell, Milwaukee Business Consultant

"What a gift to the Religious Consultation Jamakaya has been, right from the rough beginning.
She was like a magic wand on the project, and a delight to know."

– Marjorie Muecke, former Program Officer, The Ford Foundation

"Through her writing, Jamakaya has documented some very important stories that few other journalists or historians are telling. That is a treasure in any community."

– future U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, on presenting Jamakaya with the Progressive Milwaukee Community Activist Award for her documentation of, and activism in, the local feminist, gay and labor movements, 1995

"You've given us our history!"

– Brent Emons, Business Manager of Ironworkers Local 8, on publication of Local 8's centennial history

"So many times I have heard it. If Jamakaya is doing it, it – whatever it is – is going to be done well, superbly well. Her hard-mindedness is a stamp of quality and a sheet anchor; her approval is an imprimatur of excellence."

– Terry Boughner, Editor, Wisconsin Light

"Jamakaya ... was willing to take on a challenge and agreed to work with me. Her sense of humor and patience were prominent as she guided me throughout the story. I am so grateful for her expertise."

– Jennifer Zomar, author of A Candle for the Children

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