Writing Credits and Awards

Columnist, Wisconsin Gazette newspaper, 2010-present

Silver Award - Best Columnist (2012)
for op-ed columns in Wisconsin Gazette, presented by the Milwaukee Press Club

A Celebration of Caregiving: Portraits & Stories
published by IndependenceFirst Press, 2007. ISBN 978-0-9794997-0-8.
Jamakaya served as editor of this coffee table book which features stories and photos that capture the joys and challenges of caregivers who assist people with disabilities to live independently.

Ironworkers Local 8, 100+ Years: Proud of Our Past – Building Our Future
published by the Int'l. Assn. of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 8, 2001.
The centennial history of the union whose members construct the ironwork that undergirds bridges, stadiums, hotels, hospitals, skyscrapers, power plants and other large structures in eastern Wisconsin and upper Michigan. Among their accomplishments is "Might Mac," the 5-mile long suspension bridge across the Mackinac Straits.

Like Our Sisters Before Us: Women of Wisconsin Labor
published by the Wisconsin Labor History Society, 1998. ISBN 0-9663267-0-9.
An oral history collection focusing on the lives and achievements of ten women who were pioneers in the labor movement in Wisconsin. The lives of Evelyn Donner Day, Evelyn Gotzion, Joanne Bruch, Nellie Wilson, Catherine Conroy, Florence Simons, Lee Schmeling, Alice Holz, Doris Thom and Helen Hensler are included.

Saul Miller Award for Editorial Excellence (2000)
Special Publications in Labor History, Like Our Sisters Before Us: Women of Wisconsin Labor,
presented by the International Labor Communications Association

News Editor, Wisconsin In Step newspaper, 1995-2003

Spotlight Award (1996)
for outstanding media coverage of Milwaukee's gay and lesbian community,
presented by the Human Rights League

Progressive Milwaukee Community Activist Award (1995)
for two decades of work documenting the local women's, gay rights and labor movements,
presented by Progressive Milwaukee

Living the Dream:
The Growth of Milwaukee's Gay and Lesbian Community
(with Steven Brondino, 1995)
A history of Milwaukee's gay and lesbian community, created for PrideFest, Inc.

Columnist and News Editor, Wisconsin Light newspaper, 1988-1994

National Gay and Lesbian Press Association Award (1992)
for outstanding ongoing coverage of the Jeffrey Dahmer case,
presented by the National Gay and Lesbian Press Association

The Women's Coalition of Milwaukee:
Feminist Activism at the Local Level, 1972-87 (1987)

A history of the organization that advanced feminist causes as part of the 'second wave' of feminism in Milwaukee.
Winner of the A.T. Brown Award for Distinguished Graduate Writing and Research.

A.T. Brown Award for Distinguished Graduate Writing and Research (1987)
for Masters thesis on the history of the women's movement in Milwaukee,
presented by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee History Department

Jamakaya's writing has also appeared in:
Windy City Times, Shepherd Express, Wisconsin In Step, Southern Voice, San Francisco Sentinel,
Washington Blade, Au Courant, Equal Time, Common Ground, Milwaukee Journal

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